Sodium Carbonate

CAS NO.: 497-19-8

Chemical formula: Na2CO3

Product appearance: Colorless semi-transparent crystal or crystalline powder

Valid period: 1 year

Storage: In a dry, well-ventilated area

Package: 25 kg bag



In the food industry, anhydrous Sodium carbonate is used as an acidity regulator, a disintegrant that prevents clumping. Sodium carbonate in the food industry is registered as a food additive.


AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Na2CO3, % ≥99.2
Chlorides(NaCl), % ≤0.7
Sulphate(SO4), % ≤0.03
Iron(Fe2O3), % ≤0.0035
Water insoluble matter, % ≤0.03

Photos of Sodium Carbonate in the package from the company EAUnion