Hydrazine hydrate

CAS NO.: :10217-52-4

Chemical formula: N2H4·H2O

Product appearance: Transparent colorless liquid with ammonia smell.

Valid period: 2 years

Storage: Hydrazine hydrate is stored in special open or unheated closed warehouses, in transport containers or in special steel containers. It is not allowed to store hydrazine hydrate together with oxidants and concentrated mineral acids.

Package: Barrels of 200 kg


Hydrazine hydrate is widely used, for example:


AppearanceColorless and clear liquid
Assay(N2H2·H20), % ≥99
Non volatile matter, % ≤0.010
Iron(Fe), % ≤0.0005
Sulfate(SO4), % ≤0.0005
Heavy metals(Pb), % ≤0.0005
Chloride(Cl), %≤0.0003